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What's your Unique Path to Internet Success?

Every business has a unique path to success.
Your biggest competitor has their own successful marketing methods.
Do you have a well-thought-out marketing road-map?

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You need a better and smarter plan!
That's how Computer Intelligence Associates can help. Our Internet marketing experts will map out your unique path to success with a customized Internet marketing strategy that incorporates our proven Internet marketing services.


Imagine experiencing the profitable results our clients have enjoyed:

  • Increased conversions by 20% with copy and design testing of product pages
  • Generated 50% of website traffic from free, organic searches
  • Reduced Internet advertising costs while revenues increased
  • Increased revenues by 33% for three consecutive years

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A Proven Internet Marketing Cycle for your Success

Our marketing cycle consists of four key stages that build upon each other to create a completely customized marketing plan for your business. Our dynamic four-stage process has a proven track record of reducing costs, improving results and keeping our clients on the right track to meet and exceed goals and objectives:

  1. Research — Our market researchers study your industry and gather curcial data
  2. Planning — Based on industry data a plan is devised that fit's your needs utilizing:
    • CPC/PPC – Cost Per Click/Pay Per Click • SEO – Search Engine Optimization
    • SMM – Social Media Marketing • Email Marketing • Content Writing
  3. Developing — All marketing campaigns are developed accordingly
  4. Tracking & Analysis — We will track, analyze, and go back to stage #1 to refine; and the cycle continues

Constantly tracking, measuring, analyzing and refining online campaigns is time consuming, but this is how we create your unique path to Internet success. When you leave Internet marketing management up to us, you're free to spend much more time doing what you do best—running your business.

What's your Unique Path to Internet Success?
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